Two GaN Systems’ Founders Retire

26 Aug HiRes_GaNSystems

Ten years after launching a gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor company, the two Ottawa-based co-founders of GaN Systems, President Girvan Patterson and CTO John Roberts have announced their retirement. Continue reading 

The Stronger-than-Expected Demand for the New Galaxy Note 7 Is Causing Its Release Date in Some Markets to be Adjusted

26 Aug AP_16211641294780-624x416 (1)

According to foreign media, Samsung said the stronger-than-expected demand for the new Galaxy Note 7 is causing supply constraints globally, so its release date in some markets has been adjusted. Continue reading 

Singapore-Based nuTonomy Beats Uber to Launch World’s First Autonomous Cab Service

26 Aug JLXP0167-990x635

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

While Uber, Google, Baidu and hundred other automobile manufacturers are busy trying to develop, test and perfect their proprietary autonomous tech, nuTonomy has already beat them all to the punch. The Singapore-based company has today announced the launch of the first-ever public trial of an autonomous ‘robo-taxi’ service in the country. Continue reading 

IBM Expands Cloud Footprint in Korea

26 Aug tp-ibm-featured-latest-600x352

IBM today announced the opening of a new IBM Cloud Data Center in Korea, in collaboration with SK Holdings C&C. Continue reading 

HP Beats Analyst Expectations in Third Quarter, Reports $11.9 Billion Revenues with Stabilized PC Sales

26 Aug HP2-e1446488537933

By Vishal Srivastava, The Tech Portal

HP, the second-largest PC manufacturer after Lenovo, recently announced its third quarter earnings report. It reported a revenue of $11.9 billion and $783 million in earnings (48 cents a share). Although the numbers declined from the period last year but they managed to beat analyst estimates which had pegged revenues at $11.44 billion and an EPS of 44 cents. Continue reading 

2017 iPhone Rumored to Feature Curved OLED Display

26 Aug RTR46TUQ-624x444

No one has ever imagined Apple, the leader in technological innovation, would start emulating its competitors. However, recent data released by industry sources suggests Apple may do just that with the next generation iPhones.According to those data, the next iPhone would not only feature the same kinds of OLED displays used in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, but also adopt the same curved design. Continue reading 

2016 Flash Memory Summit Highlighted Prominence of Chinese Vendors in Flash Industry

26 Aug 4796906253_cf814bba66_z-624x468

This year’s Flash Memory Summit was held from August 9 to 11 in Santa Clara, California. “For the second consecutive year, this major Flash memory industry conference held a special forum for discussing the Chinese market, with CEO of Sage Microelectronics Dr. Jianjun Luo as the host,” noted Sean Yang, research director of DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce. “This shows that Chinese Flash memory industry is gaining greater voice and visibility within the industry.” Continue reading 

This is China’s Mars Rover, Scheduled for an August 2020 Launch

26 Aug china-mars-rover-768x432

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

China has joined the extremely exclusive club of countries that are planning to send rovers to Mars in the near future. The lunar probe and space project center of the Chinese State Administration of Science,Technology and Industry for National Defense has released pictures of a planned probe that will leave for the red planet in approximately 5 years. Continue reading 

Will Google Buy Renewable Energy in Taiwan?

26 Aug google-new-logo-tp-featured-600x315

Google may purchase renewable energy in Taiwan for its Changhua County data center, local media reported Thursday. Initially, Google planned to purchase renewable energy from state-run Taiwan Power Company, but decided against it, saying Taipower is insufficiently “green.” Continue reading 

TechNews Daily 2016.08.26

26 Aug Hynix_2Gb_DDR2_DRAM11

This Selfie Company Could Be Seeking HK’s Largest IPO Since Tencent
It looks probable that the Hong Kong exchange’s second largest tech IPO ever is in the business of erasing pimples, touching up portraits with post-production makeup, Continue reading