Should there be a BlackBerry or an Android Store?

21 Feb

Apple Store Has Been Fairly successful. Should there be a BlackBerry or an Android Store?

The other day, Apple announced in its financial report: 3.8 billion dollars revenues of retail sector earnings, twice as much compared to last year’s revenues(1.97 billion dollars).

Apple has a diverse product line, providing Macintosh computers, iPhone and peripheral devices, which contributes to the success of Apple store. And it raises a question: why do other competitors in mobile industry not follow the steps of Apple and set up its own store?

Maybe this is one of the simplest and the easiest strategies in managing the market for other manufacturers.

For instance, BlackBerry manufacturer RIM wants to open retail stores in its main markets such as New York and San Francisco. But RIM, after all, is not like Apple which provides a wide variety of different products, nor does it need a huge store like Apple’s. Moreover, due to its solid brand identity and loyal followers, it won’t be difficult for RIM to set up its own store. What RIM needs is a clean store with plenty of light where products like cell phones, tablet PCs can be exhibited.

In 2010, Google stopped selling the Android Nexus One on its online store, so perhaps it shall try out retailing, which might be a direction and an opportunity worth making efforts this time. For example, Google Nexus S, cooperating with other manufacturers including Motorola and Sony Ericsson in tablet PCs and Android mobiles, it is believed to be very helpful in promoting those products in market.

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