What tablets can learn from iPods

13 Apr


It is safe to say that the iPad, like the iPod has become another runaway hit.

Both products were not the first of their kind. Competitors have been making portable music players and hand-held tablets for years. What really sets Apple apart this time around is its past experience with the iPod, which dominated portable electronics for nearly 10 years at the iPad launch.

By first creating iOS, the iPod, iTunes, and the app store; the decade leading up to the iPad has laid an unbeatable foundation. This sort of effort has never really been seen and any competitor will have to appreciate that the iPad is much more then a tablet.

The iPod strategy was a bluff, relying on slick design and the advent of legal digital downloads. To knock out the iPad, you will need more then better specs and price points. You’re going to have to take the time and put in the work.

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