The Smartphone Market Who will Dominate

18 Apr

With T-Mobile G1 back in 2008, Android entered the Smartphone market making it highly anticipated for some while making no difference for others. Later on in fall 2009, the turbocharger was introduced. Fierce Wireless has been tracking and charting the progress of Palm, Microsoft, Apple, and Android right since September 2009 and until February 2011.

If we go by this chart, the Palm was at fewer than 10% in the beginning. The Palms market share continued to decline in spite of the fact that it was getting many carriers including Verizon. At present, it is as low as 5% of total market. Fierce Wireless2 depicted Microsoft at third place in the beginning with over 20% market share. This can be attributable to the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 at that time. Currently it is at 7% to 8% range. Similarly, Apple interestingly started at 25% and continues to maintain at that. The market leader Rim with over 40% in 2009 had declined to about 27% currently. Android has grown from 5% to 33% over the same period.

Some reports project that by 2015 Microsoft’s platform will grab the second slot while Android will continue to remain at top considering several variables in this projection.

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