Is It A Smart Phone Or A Camera With A Phone On It

19 Apr

With the rapid changes in the mobile phone industry, it seems that smart phones are being thought of more as mobile devices that happen to include a phone than as a device primarily for sending and receiving calls.
Not long ago, mobile phones were mainly used for conversation, sporadic texting, and checking email for the especially well-connected. A Palm, Blackberry, or other smart phone owner was almost certainly carrying the phone for business purposes.

Now, however, it seems like everybody has a smart phone, and they are becoming more and more advanced. As mobile devices evolve come to more closely resemble mini-computers or multimedia devices, it’s not surprising that consumers focus more on the built-in cameras, messaging services, and internet or music capabilities than the telephone itself.

With HTC working to develop a Windows Phone 7 device with a 16MP camera, it has been suggested that such a device would be more of a camera with a phone included than a phone with a camera. Others point out that the same claims have not been made about Nokia’s mobile phones with 12MP cameras, and that it seems to be natural for smart phones to include more high-end features as the technology evolves.

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