The Future of Smartphones

19 Apr

There is a large argument with IDC and Gartner against Microsoft and Nokia with the recent contradicting statments released from both sides about predictions for the smartphone industry by 2015. Both sides of the arguments are hugely divided in their predictions. We believe that Microsoft and Nokia’s predictions are the closest to the truth.Our 2015 Smartphone Market Share Prediction

  • 30% – Google
  • 20% – Microsoft
  • 20% – Other
  • 15% – Apple
  • 15% – RIM

There is still a huge mystery as to what happens from 2015 and beyond in this ever expanding smartphone market.

Marty Cooper stated that “It’s the competition that will make our world better”. This is a great answer to our question. Apple and Google phones seem to be heading on their way out as Apple is nothing more than mere hype and google has no significant impact on the market. We think the Microsoft have been waiting so that their technology will be useful to the current market. This partnership, if it’s executed the right way, will be succesful. However we fear it will become so strong that they’ll ignore the necessity of competition.

For things to work out, the market must have at least 5-6 significant competitors at all times which keeps the market competitive. History shows us that the only smartphones that will survive in the market are the phones that care more about the service they provide the customer than getting money rich from their phone.

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