Devices Made Obsolete by the Smartphone

20 Apr

With the growing popularity of the smartphone, other devices have been growing out of style. MP3 players started to be replaced by Apple’s iPhone. Even though Apple’s iPod’s continue to sell, sales have been declining in recent years.

With thousands of gaming apps, the iPhone and Android have started to takeover other handheld devices such as the Nintendo DS. The iPhone 4 has also taken strides to replace the standard point and shoot camera, delivering quality pictures that are comparable to standalone digital camera.

Smartphones with GPS have gone head to head with the likes of TomTom. Some GPS developers are offering apps for smartphones to enhance the GPS experience. Google and other mapping apps available directly on smartphones are doing away with old paper maps.

PDA’s were quickly replaced by the smartphone when they began to have the same abilities back in 2001. Cheap apps for smartphones that allow for voice memo recording have made traditional voices records no longer necessary. When asked for the time, the smartphone ends up being the choice instead of the antiquated wrist watch. Smartphone users are more likely to find directory assistance for free rather than pay the cost for 411 assistance.

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