A More Affordable Smartphone

27 Apr
Technology - IC Layout

Smartphones are expected to grow to 600 million units by 2014, caused by a decrease in cost for handsets and silicon incorporation could be a factor. This was reported at the Linley Tech Mobile Conference, which also predicts that the next 300 million smartphones will be replacement phones. Creators are looking for ways to lower costs and silicon will help them accomplish this.

Technology - IC Layout

By the year 2014, almost 70% of smartphones will be using an integrated chip created by combining baseband and application processors. Pricing could become as low as $100 for a smartphone and market research has found that a greater number of consumers would purchase smartphones at that price point.

Samsung, Motorola and LG are several of the companies that are in the best position to upgrade their smartphone technology and will be working on integration. Dual core processors are being added in the new wave of phones and creators have been working on phones staying within the thermal limits of the core. A lot of power is dispelled when a smartphone runs at full speed and makers are attempting to prevent this problem.

Several companies are focused on high performing smartphones, while others are developing average models for the mainstream market.

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