Android’s Rise in the Market Doesn’t Deter iOS Developers

28 Apr

Nielsen 201103 (smartphone market share)

The Android platform surpasses the iOS platform as the most popular platform for consumers in the month of March according to a recent Nielson report. Android now claims 37 percent of the market share among all operating systems, which is more than double the share of Microsoft, Palm and Symbian combined. Apple follows Android with 27 percent of the market and Blackberry claims 22 percent.

Nielsen 201103 (next desired operating system)

Android’s rise is attributed to the assortment of devices available to consumers. The variety of sizes as well as a large spectrum of entry prices makes Android’s platform appealing to consumers, which has most likely lead to Android’s sudden saturation of the market. Just six months ago, Android had a smaller share in the market than Blackberry. Despite Android’s ascendency in the market, app developers still report a greater interest in developing apps for the iOS platform.

Appcelerator 201103 (Android-iOS developer preference)

A recent survey of 2760 developers taken by Appcelerator indicates that the iOS is still the number one choice for developers, citing Android’s fragmentation as a leading obstacle to its platform. Despite consumers indicating that more intend to purchase Android in the future, developers shy away from Android’s emphasis on ad-supported apps and will continue developing for iOS.

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