Smartphone Cloud Storage

28 Apr


There is an increasing trend that is looking at the way in which smartphone users store data on their mobile cellular phones. In the past, data was stored using physical memory and internal storage within the phone. Though this worked for awhile, the trend is now leaning towards the use of cloud technology for storage of information.SugarSync has responded to the call by releasing an Android app called AutoSync. It uses cloud storage to capture photos and transfer them from a cell phone to a computer. This app makes it possible to synchronize two storage areas. Another example of a cloud app that can be used for storage is Dropbox.

However, tech analysts are debating what type of storage is better for smartphones. Internal cellular storage is easier to use for the consumer, but limited in the amount that can be stored. Yet virtual cloud storage will cost more to implement the technology to store files electronically.

At the moment, the use of virtual storage is possible with web storage. However, there is not enough implementation of the technology to completely have mobile cellular phones use virtual as opposed to physical storage. Nationally, the country is still lacking enough data storage center to have enough people sign up to take part in this.

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