Nintendo Facing off with Smart Phones

4 May


Could it be that smart phones are making a dent into the video game world? Some think recent fallings of Nintendo could be related to smart phones.

In Japan last week this was one of the topics brought up to the president of Nintendo Satoru Iwata at a meeting with investors. Iwata was quick to dismiss the idea of a smart phones bringing down sales but research has shown otherwise.

Research from Nintendo showed that people who are avid gamers on social networks were also bigger players on Nintendo’s portable player the Nintendo DS. As the questions went on the president did seem to acknowledge a pressure from the smart phones. Much of that pressure comes from the fact that the cost of games on smart phones is much cheaper than purchasing normal video games.

Satoru Iwata points to advancement in the companies hardware will help stem the tide. He pointed to how the company has seen failure with the Game Boy Advance and saw to move on and give the consumers more of what they wanted.

Do not expect Nintendo to start porting its games to smart phones any time soon. Nintendo has a strict belief of letting gamers only play its games on Nintendo hardware.

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