Saving Old Smartphones from Abandonment

4 May


The speed at which new technology emerges is blinding. Blinding speed comes at a cost, old technology pays it. Old smartphones become victims of abandonment, dropped in a utility drawer and forgotten. Rick Broida of PC World has not forgotten those old phones that were once at the forefront of technology. He has rummaged through the utility drawers to rescue old friends and give them new uses.

Rick suggests that just because a phone is no longer under contract it still has plenty of things it can do, besides hold down a stack of papers. For instance, under FCC rules all phones are supposed to be capable of making emergency phone calls to 911, even if they are not activated.

Emergency phone calls are not the end of a deactivated smartphone’s capabilities. The article demonstrates several ways that the old phones wi-fi capabilities can be put to use, from making Voice-Over-IP calls to becoming a gaming platform, to an e-reader.

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