iPad suffers from increase in tablets

22 Jun


With an increase in tablets, iPads may not be able to make as much profit. There are so many tablets available and even though the iPad was one there first, it really has nothing special to offer that the other tablets don’t have. Most of the tablets available today offer similar features and applications which makes them all pretty much equal. In the end, it is really more about which tablet feels better to the user. The interface is what will make one choose a certain tablet over another and other tablets such as the Android based tablets, offer just as good interfaces as the iPad. The user experience is the deciding factor and other tablet companies know this very well. They know that everything has pretty much already been seen as far as applications and features go; this pushes them to focus more on the operating system itself and offer a higher quality tablet without really innovating. The bottom line is, most tablets are similar in many ways which no longer makes the iPad superior or special in any kind of way.

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