Nintendo’s Wii U Looks to Compete With iPad

22 Jun


Recently Nintendo unveiled its brand new system at the latest E3. In Los Angeles, California people got their first glimpse of the Wii U, and many were shocked by similarities of the controller and a tablet device. It appears Nintendo has taken a route to match the smart-phone and tablet computer market. It’s reported that the market’s reaction was less than optimistic, with Nintendo down 13 percent in the OSE.

Many are claiming the new design is a response to the growing popularity of mobile gaming platforms like Apple’s iPad—especially with the success of simpler mobile games such as Farmville and Angry Birds. It’s very easy to see this when looking at the controller: It has a 6.2 inch screen touch screen which will be used for virtual buttons, displaying game information, and a secondary display; it even has a front facing camera.

With Apples iPad selling over 25 million units already, the Wii U would certainly have its work cut out for Nintendo to stay competitive in an already tablet saturated market. Microsoft has also been playing catch-up with the success of its motion controlled gaming device, the Kinect. The Wii U is set to be released next year.

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