iPad contributes 89 percent of Worldwide tablet internet traffic

27 Jun

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According to a recent study by comScore, using their new service reporting on digital traffic by device, iPad is contributing more than 89% of tablet traffic across all markets. iPad has highest contribution of total non-computer device traffic (33.5%) in Canada, which accounts for around 95% of total tablet traffic in the country. Also, although iPad only contributed 11.3% of non-computer internet traffic in Japan, iPad was grabbing almost all tablet traffic of the country, given that several tablet devices were actually launched in the Japanese market.

Android devices, according to the study, is in keen competition with iOS devices. In the U.S., Android smartphone beats iPhone on web traffic, and in most countries, Android contributes second-most of non-computer web traffic.

While more and more Android tablets are going to launch in the 2nd half on 2011, the story might be different.

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