Someone Stole Your Smartphone. What Now?

27 Jun


As horrible as it seems, if your smartphone or tablet PC is stolen, you may have to just cut your losses. According to most experts, the police are overwhelmed by the number of cases and, on top of that, are behind the times when it comes to theft of mobile devices. Although the GPS feature on most phones can tell you where it is, confronting a thief yourself is a bad idea and resource short police departments are unlikely to give the case a top priority. Protect yourself by limiting the information you store on your phone. Password protect apps that store sensitive data. If you suspect your mobile has been stolen, use the GPS app to lock down the system. This protects your information and gives the police time to recover it. But, keep in mind that the actual recovery of the phone within a short time period is highly unlikely and it may never be found. While most people can handle the couple hundred dollar loss for the phone, the potential damage done by the exposure of personal information can escalate into the tens of thousands of dollars.

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