Any Hope for Android Tablet?

1 Jul


Here are a few things that Google can do to help an Android tablet along.

It will need a well monitored and moderated application store. Malware is hilariously common. Users need to be sure that their tablets and phones are safe from attack. Google needs to put their foot down on the problem. It will also need better applications in general. If Google wants to commit to tablets, it will need to offer striking and useful applications. The first step would be to make Google services such as Google Docs easily accessible

They will need to make sure that developers are there for the tablet. Subscription applications that allow easy access to Twitter and other social networking sites would go a long way towards assuring its success. It needs to make sure that developers make applications that are useable on all Android tablets. They also need to make sure that streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix are properly supported. They would also do well to make sure that Android tablets are Flash capable. Flash capability is something that is nice to have, painful to miss.

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