ChangeWave: 46% of smartphone buyers prefer Apple iOS on their new phone

19 Jul

Recent survey with 4,163 consumers said that nearly half of them are planning to buy an iOS device in next 90 days.

ChangeWave Research, a division of leading analyst and data company The 451 Group, released a report on Monday about smartphone demand trends. A quarterly survey of 4,163 consumers has been conducted, with the sample being 89% in the U.S.
The survey focused on key comparisons between the Apple iOS and Android, and explored the impact of Apple’s iCloud service.
46% of those planning to buy a smartphone in the next 90 days saying they prefer to have the Apple iOS on their new phone, up 2-pts since the March survey. In addition, concerning the name “iPhone”, 48% of the respondents planning on buying an iPhone in the next 90 days, despite there isn’t any new iPhone has been announced in the quarter. The iOS and iPhone remains not only the number one preference for buyers, but also the highest consumer satisfaction. 70% of customers using iOS saying they are “Very Satisfied”.
While looking at the potential impact of the iCloud service coming this fall, 29% of Apple product owners say the service announcement makes them “More Likely” to buy Apple products in the future, as do 13% of non-Apple owners. It is believe that the service will help to maintain customer loyalty, as well as drawing new customers to the Apple family.
The Android OS ranks the second in terms of customer future preference and satisfaction. 32% of the respondents planning to buy a Android phone in next 90 days, up 1-pt since the March survey. Also, 50% of customers using Android phones saying they are “Very Satisfied”.
Among various Android phone vendors, the report has highlighted the potential risk of Motorola, whose smartphone sales are highly dependent on carrier support in the U.S.. Only 8% (down 4-pts) of respondents saying they are going to buy a Motorola smartphone in next 90 days, and ChangeWave suggested that the loss of market share is “at least partially attribute to the Verizon iPhone release that occurred earlier this year.”
However, ChangeWave noted that Motorola is not the one most daunting situation. compared to those double-digit percentage wannabes, only 4% of respondents are planning to buy a BlackBerry in next 90 days, down for 1-pt since March survey, which is also the lowest level ever for the OS in a ChangeWave survey. Also, among BlackBerry customers, only 26% of them saying they are “Very Satisfied”. ChangeWave concludes the survey note with:
In seven of the past 10 ChangeWave quarterly surveys since 2008 we have seen a drop in RIM’s planned purchase share. Importantly, its customer satisfaction ratings have also fallen in nine of the past 10 ChangeWave surveys – and our latest survey shows them at their lowest level ever for this most critical of indicators.
For now, the dominant story in smart phones remains the escalating horse-race between Apple and Android.
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