New Rumors: The Next iPad and iPhone

21 Jun

According to TrendInsider, production numbers for Apple’s new iPad, also commonly known as the “iPad 3,” have been on a gradual decline, with shipment figures for the third quarter of 2012 expected to fall from 17 million units to approximately 11 million units.

What could possibly be causing the sudden fall in production levels?

There are two likely reasons, the first being the persistence of global financial woes throughout 2012. With many economies now facing rising levels of debt and plummeting growth, it is possible that Apple decreased production levels simply to offset or minimize potential losses arising from lower sales. The other possible explanation, according to rumors, is that Apple is in the process of developing its next tablet device, believed to be the “iPad Mini.” The new Apple tablet, according to various sources, will be much smaller than its 9.7-inch predecessor and will allegedly utilize a lithium ion battery with a 4800mw/h capacity. As of now, there is little consensus as to the exact release date for this product.

Our intelligence sources have provided details suggesting that, even with a prototype currently in development, the successor to the iPad 3 will probably not be released into the markets until after 2012. By observing the level of decline in iPad 3 production during the third quarter of 2012, one may be able to reasonably predict whether Apple is in fact directing resources towards the production of the new iPad model.

Speaking of new models, what is planned for the new iPhone, the other highly anticipated Apple product?

Compared to the iPad, speculations surrounding the iPhone 5 tend to be even more rampant. From what is generally known so far, the new iPhone may come in two different versions, either with a plastic or aluminum back panel. The pricing between the two will inevitably vary, although there are no confirmations regarding these details. To find out whether there is any truth to the new iPhone speculations, we can only wait until Apple decides to release the official details.

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