A Pricing Blunder on iTunes (Asia)?

28 Jun

If you are near your computer, laptop, iPhone, or iPad, be sure to take a casual glance over the Asia iTunes store (9 countries newly open at June 27th 2012). If lucky, you may still be able to download a number of your favorite music at unbelievably low prices.

Without any discernible pattern, a variety of albums—from Mandarin pop favorites to classical gems– have been offered to customers at a mere price of $0.68 USD since June 27th 2012. This means you will be paying for as low as $0.068 USD for each song, depending on the album you choose.

Too good to be true?

While little official statement appears to have been released, the first thing that came to our minds is that iTunes newly released Asia market may have stumbled onto a bug that caused “$6.8 USD” to be mistakenly labelled as “$0.68 USD” Some have gone as far as to suspect that iTunes is planning something strategic, although given the recent surge of pricing adjustments, the low price listings may in fact be an honest mistake on the part of the online stores’ programmers.

Whatever the case, there’s little reason to complain, as there’s nothing wrong with paying insanely low prices for your favorite album. The folks at iTunes certainly aren’t going to mind either. Given the increased downloads in the past two days, the pricing anomaly, even if temporary, are actually getting more and more people to log into their iTunes stores in Asia.

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