60-Inch TV for less than $1000 USD? The Beginning of a Polarized Era for Flat screen TVs

11 Jul

The sales of 3D LCD televisions, once believed to be the next big technological phenomenon, have been going through a bit of a slump coming into the third quarter of 2012. Perhaps due to the low number of 3D media and content available, market performances of 3D TVs in North American, Japanese, and Korean markets have not been as stellar as expected, whereas mainstream acceptance of the technology have yet to materialize in emerging market countries like China. Development related to 4K TVs, a recent LCD technical breakthrough promising to deliver four times the resolution of 1920×1080 HD TVs, is also experiencing a few setbacks of its own. As few TV programs are capable of exhibiting resolution greater than the 1920×1080 standard, at least two channels so far–BBC and NHK– have shown any apparent interest in testing with the 4K format. Looking at what appears to be stifled technological momentum in the world of LCD screens, we cannot help but ask: what is there left to improve for flat screen TVs?

(Photo Credit: Sharp)

With the seeming lack of major LCD innovations, it appears that the only thing left to do for most LCD makers is to find the most cost efficient way to develop flat screen TVs. A notable company that has successfully accomplished such a task is Sharp, which, with the help of OEM partners like Foxconn and Vizio, is on its way to delivering the first 60-inch flat screen television to be offered for less than $1000 USD. According to various sources, the unbelievably low priced TV is set to debut sometime during the second half of 2012.

Having long begun preparing for the development of its 10th Generation LCD panels, Sharp’s specialized plants now possesses highly sophisticated factory equipments as well as increased production capacity. Due to the known difficulties associated with disposing LCD panels, a lack of consumer demand for large, flat screen TVs would easily put Sharp in a highly disadvantaged position. Taking this scenario into account, the investors and partners of the Japan-based company, amongst them Foxconn, believe that a proper consumer strategy would be needed in order to achieve the most profitable outcome. The general consensus was that Sharp needed create a high profile LCD product that is cost efficient, easy to produce, and cheap for people to purchase. This gave rise to the idea of the highly affordable 60-inch TV, which they believed will become a major hit amongst many consumers.

Spec-wise, what TrendInsider currently knows about Sharp’s $1000, 60-inch flat screen TV is that it will heavily utilize a backlit LED display. The specific release date for the TV is expected to be sometime between October 2012 and December 2012.

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