7.8-Inch, Longer-Lasting iPad Mini Eyeing October Release

12 Jul

According to TrendInsider’s sources, Apple’s next iPad, rumored to be called the iPad Mini, is set to be released sometime during October 2012. The device will reportedly utilize a 7.8-inch screen – making it a tad larger than Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire 2 – and feature a 1024×768 resolution. Other than the obvious screen size difference, the iPad mini will have an extremely slim body, and is expected to weigh only about half as much as its 9.7-inch counterpart.

While slightly larger than Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire 2, the iPad mini should easily trump its rivals in terms of battery life thanks to its superior polymer lithium battery. With regards to the device’s CPU, it is rumored that Apple will be opting for the A5 processor instead of the highly raved-about quad-core A5X. We suspect this choice to have something to do with the company’s pricing concerns, considering it will be actively competing with the likes of Google and Amazon in the 7-inch tablet market. Given that the normal iPad is offered at $499 USD, we believe that the iPad mini might be priced at somewhere around the $299 USD mark.

Updated:New iPad Mini Rumors

Little news has aroused as much curiosity as the rumored price range for Apple’s highly anticipated iPad Mini. We know that the prices of the new iPad and the iPad 2 are currently set at $499 and $399 USD, respectively. Judging from the price pattern, it is predicted that the miniature iPad should logically be priced at around $299 USD. This would make the iPad Mini the cheapest and most affordable of all the iPad models out there, next to the 8GB version of iPad 2.

Depending on a number of market-related factors, TrendInsider believes there is a possibility that Apple will offer its miniature tablet at a price lower than what many expect. Should price cuts cause the 8GB iPad 2 to fall under $349 USD, for instance, it is not impossible that Apple will charge the mini iPad for less than $299 USD in order to space out the pricing of its products. The lingering presence of Google and Amazon is another major factor that will heavily impact the pricing strategies associated with the iPad Mini. To deal with the tempting $199 price tags of both the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire 2, we may see Apple resort to cutting its mini iPad’s price to as low as $249 USD.

While somewhat uncharacteristic for Apple, extreme price cutting is far from an unreasonable strategy to pursue. With more and more potent competitors on the rise, the Cupertino-based company would no doubt want to implement any measures necessary to retain its influence in the tablet industry.

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