Adjusted New iPad Model Due around September or October, 50.3 Million iPad Series Shipments Expected for 2012

13 Jul

Although the new iPad is currently the hottest tablet device on the market, Apple appears to have no intention of slowing down iPad 2 production. As TrendInsider noticed, the Cupertino-based company has actually placed more orders for the previous-gen iPad model, whereas production orders for the new iPad have been put to an unexpected halt. It is still unknown at the moment whether Apple plans to raise the new iPad’s shipment numbers anytime soon.

In adjusting our yearly forecast to include this recent production development, we estimate that the 2012 shipment numbers of current iPad models will amount to approximately 37.5 million units. Including the iPad Mini, Apple is expected to release a total of 50.3 million iPads for 2012.

Surprisingly, the new predicted numbers fall considerably short of our initial expectation that a total number of 60 million iPads would be shipped before the start of 2013. While a number of possible factors are suspected to have contributed to Apple’s production-related decisions, we believe that the recent torrent of global economic problems may have been the main culprit behind the uncharacteristically low shipment numbers.

With the continual setbacks experienced by the world economy, it’s not surprising that the iPad 2 would eventually become one of the few Apple products to be subject to rumored price cuts. A popular conjecture is that either the 8GB or 16GB version of the iPad 2 will be released at a retail price of $349 USD.

The new iPad, for the time being, is expected to retain its original price tag, although rumors are spreading that the model will be re-released with a few minor hardware adjustments. As always, Apple remains secretive about the release date and has yet to publically address details relating to the new tweaks. The fact that the adjustments are probably only minor, however, makes it unlikely that they will heavily impact the iPad’s price or sales performance.

While the new iPad is certainly a sensational and hotly pursued item in the tablet market, there is no denying that the global economy has taken a toll on Apple’s current tablet device. From a market standpoint, the new iPad has put up reasonably good numbers, but failed to meet expectations in terms of worldwide sales.

iPhone 5、New iPad

The iPhone 5, newly tweaked iPad, iPad Mini, and discounted iPad 2 are all expected to be released sometime during this September and October. Whether Apple will decide to release these new products separately or together remains to be seen in the months to come.

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