Tablet Devices to Deeply Affect the PC Market: Notebook Q3 Growth Estimated at 10%

17 Jul

Tablet devices seem well on their way to devouring the PC market in its entirety. During 2012, the growth rate for desktops and notebooks amounted to a mere 0.1%, whereas proposed innovations for PC devices have either backfired or failed to impress consumers. With deteriorating status and reputation, PCs, as many believe, appear to be headed down a dangerous, obscure path.

In addition to the low production rate, various TrendInsider sources claim that the popularity for PCs have declined so much that their market performances suffered even during the “back-to-school” sales season. The unfavorable trend has apparently affected suppliers of semiconductors and other computer related components, many of whom are reportedly cutting down on the number of materials provided to PC manufacturers.

In spite of all that’s been observed, sources from TrendInsider predict that notebooks will nonetheless experience a 10% growth during Q3 of 2012. The fact that the shipment numbers were so low during Q2, however, leaves a lot more to be desired.

As mentioned in the previous article, tablet devices are on the rise and are expected to pose a consistent threat to PC sales. With this trend in mind, we found it surprising that Apple is apparently planning to ship less iPads by the end of the year than initially expected.

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