2012 Smartphone Shipment Numbers to Drop to 600M

19 Jul

Perhaps due to the unpromising outlook for the world economy, the number of high-end smartphones orders for the second half of 2012 have, as observed by TrendInsider, begun showing clear signs of dropping.

By the end of the year, we predict that production orders for high-end smartphones will amount to an estimated 600 million units. Of these, approximately 22% are expected to come from Apple’s mobile phone devices, the soon-to-be-launched iPhone 5 included.

New turn of events are likewise expected for the middle to low-end smartphones. Recently, the semiconductor company MTK has introduced the new MT6575 dual core chip (MT6577 with quad core will release in Q4, 2012), which makes it possible to create cost effective smartphones that are of a comparable level to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon-powered devices. In spite of the mass usage of these chipsets from China-based manufacturers like ZTE and Huwei, these companies do not appear to be immune to the slowing growth of China’s market. As observed, ZTE and Huwei’s smartphone shipment orders, like those of many other companies, are following a gradual, downward trend.

iPhone 5 Update:

In preparing for the iPhone 5’s launch date, Apple’s supply chain team is currently ramping up production output and coordinating the massive deliveries of individual components. Not only is the number of back up components expected to vastly increase from July to August, the increasing trend is also expected to continue until October. It is currently believed that Apple has already stocked up 30 million units of the iPhone 5 so far. By the end of 2012, that number is likely reach 50 million.

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