Apple’s Suppliers Accelerating Shipments, iPhone 5 Ready to Launch as Early as this September

15 Aug

With Apple’s much anticipated iPhone 5 announcement set to commence next month (September 12), it is only natural to expect that more and more intense preparations are taking place within the company’s large, powerful supply chain.

Just recently, it is reported that various manufacturing suppliers from Asia have not only begun accelerating their shipping processes, but are also gradually increasing the quantity of components delivered to the Cupertino giant. Amongst the entities spotted to be ramping up production levels are FPC providers Flexium and Career Technology, connector provider Foxlink, and the lens manufacturer GSEO.

In part due to the significant amount of shipments taking place, the revenues of the aforementioned suppliers, in particular Foxlink and GSEO, are expected to exhibit an major uptrend by the end of 3Q12. According to marketing research from IHS, it is expected that Apple’s semiconductor partners are also likely to experience better financial performances following the company’s $28 billion dollars worth of purchases this year, which is a 15% increase from the previous year’s amount.

Despite already having arguably the most omnipotent and resourceful supply chain relative to it competitors, Apple does not appear ready to loosen up its standards anytime soon. Just last month, it was reported that CEO Tim Cook allegedly imposed stricter evaluation measures on its suppliers’ manufacturing environments; inspections are conducted on a far more frequent basis in order to effectively control cost and to properly maintain product quality.

In addition to stricter policies, the Cupertino-based tech company has also begun to extend its reach to more and more foreign supplying partners. In addition to the Hong Kong-based company AAC, for instance, Apple has recently added the Chinese company Goertek to its list of acoustics-component suppliers. That Apple is targeting Chinese suppliers is no surprise given the country’s ever growing economic stature.

In the future, it is believed that the number of local Chinese manufacturers in Apple’s supply chain will only increase following the anticipated successes of the iPhone and the iPad mini.

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