iPhone 5 May not Support NFC Technology

28 Aug

With Apple’s September event getting closer, curiosity and rumors surrounding the next iPhone is arguably becoming more and more intense. The most recent rumor, as reported by Gotta Be Mobile, states that the iPhone 5 will not be supporting NFC (Near Field Communication), a technology which enables smartphones to interact with surrounding devices through the utilization of a special electromagnetic chip.

As have been pointed out by various different news media, the equipment of NFC is considered major step towards making the payment process more convenient for smartphone users. Purchases for different products could supposedly be conducted through swiping one’s mobile phone towards various different payment devices. If widely adopted, this would save consumers the hassle of having to reach through their wallets or to sort through a variety of credit cards in order to make a proper payment.

A recent evidence for the no-NFC theory comes from a set of leaked pictures revealing the iPhone’s internal structures and pieces. According to Anandtech’s analysis of the picture, the large metal casing present in the photographs, along with the presence of the RF glass windows, precludes the possibility of NFC from being included Apple’s new handset. It is reported that there just wouldn’t be enough space to fit an NFC chip into the device.

Given Apple’s previous announcement of the much anticipated Passbook feature, the lack of NFC feature is certain disappoint those expecting major iPhone upgrades. Given how many are already speculating on how iPhone prices will increase following the recent victory over Samsung, it is not unreasonable to assume that consumers may eventually begin contemplating about switching to different smartphone choices.

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