New iPad Mini Photos Allegedly Leaked

7 Sep

Recently, a set of leaked photos from NetEase surfaced and showed what appears to be the interior and exterior shot of the tablet’s outer case. The highlights revealed within the pictures, as pointed out by MacRumors and Apple Insider, include a mini dock connector that is largely similar to what was seen in the leaked iPhone 5 pictures, a rear camera opening at the top left corner, an interior space where the display components will supposedly be inserted, and a top mounted headphone jack. As an interesting side note, Apple Insider also pointed to the presence of a “mysterious” small hole, but stated that neither its purpose nor its function can be reliably confirmed at the moment.

Apart from the apparent size difference and a few noteworthy additions, there does not seem to be any other observable changes that indicate a significant departure from the previous iPad. Given the absence of a sim-card opening in the pictures, it is also suggested that whatever was shown may be intended for the Wi-Fi version of the iPad mini.

Before the accuracy of the pictures can be reliably assessed, we may just have to wait until further details –and pictures- are released. Contrary to what some may expect, MacRumors states that the iPad mini is unlikely to be announced with the iPhone 5 during September 12. It is believed, rather, that the Cupertino giant will unveil the new iPad model in a separate event that will be held sometime during October.

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