Benchmark Tests Reveal iPhone 5 Processor Performance

17 Sep

The geekbench scores have been released for the iPhone 5’s A6 chip, revealing some pretty amazing results. The overall score the handset received for its 1.02GHz dual core processor is 1601, which is about twice the score received by the iPhone 4S, and higher than the that bestowed upon most high-end Android based, quad core CPUs. The Nexus 7 processor received a score of 1591, whereas the score for Samsung Galaxy S3 CPU is 1560.

The potential performance of Apple’s A6 chip, along with its specs, has been the subject of discussion long before Apple revealed the iPhone 5. Now that the power of the CPU has been confirmed and unveiled, the iPhone 5 should be certain to appeal to tech and mobile game enthusiasts as well as casual users.

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