Apple Reportedly Turning to ex-Google staff to Improve iOS Map

23 Sep

To merely label Apple’s new iOS map as “problematic” is an understatement. The chaotic dents around several of the 3D images, the strangely absent buildings and monuments, and the incomplete, disappearing bridges and roads are amongst the many issues preventing Apple’s iPhone 5 from receiving unanimous praise.

Given how the new iPhone can be perceived as Apple’s first major product since Tim Cook took over, it is understandable that the CEO would want to rid ties with rivals by creating as many of its own unique in-house applications as possible. The issues plaguing Apple’s map, however, is apparently major–as well as embarrassing– enough that the Cupertino company could no longer afford to sit around and wait for a miracle to happen.

According to Techcrunch and various other sources, Apple is now actively seeking employees who once worked for Google in order to remedy the iPhone map fiasco. It is suggested that the engineers and analysts recruited once had a major role of some sort in contributing to the internet search giant’s impressive, critically acclaimed map application. As stated by Techcrunch and AppleInsider, part of the reason that the ex-Google staffs accepted to go to Apple was that they were uninterested in performing “tedious” Google map updates and did not like the company’s shift of focus towards indoor mapping.

As optimistic as things seem, it appears likely that even with Google’s team of experienced programmers, the iOS map problems will not be resolved anytime soon. How the Cupertino tech giant will use its new hires to fix its software mistakes, and whether the new map will have any chances of topping that of Google remains to be seen. At this moment, though, it does not appear that the iOS map problems are severe enough to deter consumers from queuing for their iPhone 5.

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