Rumored iPad Mini Could be Unveiled on October 17

2 Oct

According to Fortune, the iPad mini could be well on its way to being introduced in a special Apple event on October 17, about two weeks from now. The news comes from a “major Apple investor” claiming to have retrieved the information from “multiple sources.”

For months, rumors of the iPad mini have been growing more widespread following the usual wave of leaked pictures and the releases of the 7-inch tablets from Google and Amazon. While the prospects of a smaller iPad seemed iffy early on, a report from Gigaom indicated that the Cupertino tech giant had actually contemplated about a smaller tablet following the successes of its competing products and the appealing prospects of the 7-inch market. An early analysis from the Gigaom staff, Kevin Tofei, indicated that factors such as portability, functionality, and price are amongst the key factors making small-sized tablets consistently popular within the market.

At the moment, popular speculations suggest that the mini Apple tablet will come with a 7.85-inch screen and use the same lightning connector that appeared on the iPhone 5. If Apple’s goal with the iPad mini is to go for a lower pricing range, it seems unlikely that the product will have retina display or go with a radically different design.

As we’ve come to expect from the company, Apple has yet to confirm the aforementioned event nor assured the public regarding whether the iPad mini is in fact happening. However, last month, reports have been saying that two display companies have begun producing screens that are allegedly intended for the mini tablet. One of the trends we can reasonably assume is that with the eventual release of Apple’s alleged new tablet, the popularity and market share of small proportioned tablets are set to rise to greater heights.

UPDATE: Wall Street Journal has just recently reported that the mass production of a tablet smaller than the current iPad is currently in progress.


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