Sales for iPad Mini Predicted to Reach up to 10 Million Units in 2012; Components Arriving in the Hands of Manufacturers

10 Oct

Lately, there appears to be no shortage of news related to the iPad mini. About a week ago, sources within the industry divulged Apple’s intentions to hand out special event invitations during October 10th, and suggested how the company may choose to release the mini-tablets in time for the Thanksgiving shopping season. As indicated by TrendInsider’s sources within the supply chain, components such as glass screens, lithium batteries, and panels are already making their way into the hands of the assembly manufacturers. One slight issue at the moment concerns the insufficient number of assembled iPad minis, which points to the possibility of a future supply shortage situation. It is anticipated, however, that the problem will be resolved by end of the 2012 Christmas season.

Design-wise, the iPad mini measures at 7.85-inches (as opposed to its larger cousin’s 9.7 inch measurement), and is equipped with same home-button as almost all the other Apple mobile devices. Given that the product is quite literally a shrunken iPad with a cheaper price tag, many will undoubtedly wonder whether the mini tablet has enough power to generate another major impact within the market.

Looking at the New iPad’s weakening market performance, Apple no doubt needs another major product to rely on in order to strengthen the support for its iOS platform. Things seem optimistic at the moment, though, as a lot of praise has been directed towards the iPad mini’s look and feel; compared to the iPad 2 and the New iPad, the smaller Apple tablet is reportedly less straining on the hands when held for long periods of time.

With the major 2012 shopping season arriving, TrendInsider predicts iPad mini sales will reach up to 10 million units during 4Q12, about twice the number of Kindle Fires sold during its first quarter. At present, Kindle Fire sales look to be on its way to 8 million mark by the end of the year.

UPDATE: Despite speculations involving an October 10 mailing invitation, no one appears to have received the invite yet. We will provide an update should there be any further changes to Apple’s alleged press event.

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