A Few Early iPhone 5 Problems to Think about

11 Oct

It’s been an interesting, mixed month for Apple since the iPhone 5 begun hitting retail shelves. While the new handset debuted with a strong market performance and has garnered largely positive reviews, the nitpickers and naysayers have not been particularly quiet in the criticism department. In no specific order, below is a list of early iPhone 5 complaints that have made their way into the news thus far:

  1. The Purple Glow Issue: Improved hardware specs, it appears, aren’t always going to be good enough for everyone. Recently, various iPhone 5 users have been critical towards a subtle purple hue that appears whenever photographs are taken under sunlight. Sources like CNN and Consumer Report suggest this “problem” is not unique to the iPhone device, whereas the folks at Apple believe users should simply try to aim the phone more properly or apply lens protection. While these may arguably be perceived as legit reasons, whether they are something consumers will buy is another issue altogether.
  2. Scratch-Prone Body: As many users may have undoubtedly noticed from past experience, the iPhone’s body has not been particularly known for its resilience. The recent flood of consumer complaints, unsurprisingly, targets the iPhone 5’s scratch vulnerability. While Apple rationalized the issue by pointing to the use of light aluminum material, Gigaom reports that the company is allegedly still taking action by ordering stricter control standards at Foxconn. It is believed that such an initiative may fix the scratch-prone problem, but may also effectively put a halt to the subsequent iPhone 5 production.
  3. The Map Problem and the Early Warning : Without a doubt, the iOS map application is probably one of the biggest, most talked about iPhone 5 drawbacks so far. The overall app experience is reportedly so problematic and buggy that CEO Tim Cook eventually had to offer a public online apology and turn to ex-Google staff for assistance. Interestingly, before consumers begun complaining about the myriad of strange map oddities, CNET had reportedly made several attempts to “warn” the Cupertino company about the issue. Sources like NBC, further, claim that developers at Apple were aware of the map problem before the release of their new handset. It is rumored that the main reason Apple released a flawed software knowingly is to quickly get rid of its dependence on Google in the software app department.
  4. The Complaint towards the Over-Accurate Nature of the Map App: One final noteworthy iPhone 5 problem, as reported recently, has to do with the over revealing nature of the iOS map. An article from the Associated Press states that the government in Taiwan is apparently concerned with the map’s high resolution satellite photos, which have allegedly exposed the “warning radar stations” used for detecting missiles. Governments from other countries have yet to make a similar type of complaint, although it is not unlikely for such issues to arise in future periods.

Considering that the iPhone 5 is still just making its way into various global markets, it will probably take some time before the overall market impact of the aforementioned problems can be reliably observed. Even if the issues do not appear to be having major impact as of yet, the Cupertino company may need to think of quick resolutions, particularly since competition within the smartphone market is arguably much more intense than it had been in the past.


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