Updated Android 4.2 Seen Tested on Two New Motorolla Devices

11 Oct

It’s interesting how quickly rumors can turn around in just a matter of days. Just as a set of “Android 4.2” updates were recently declared false (see our previous article), now there are reports saying that a new Google platform is being tested on two possible Motorolla mobile products, Occam and Manta. The two products are believed to be amongst the numerous possible “Nexus” devices that will come from parties other than Google. The other potential products, as mentioned by UDN and Android Authority, include Sony’s Xperia Arc S and Samsung Galaxy Y.

(from PhoneArena)

Provided that the above sources and the leaked testing screenshots from PhoneArena are accurate, it is likely that “Android 4.2” will indeed be the next updated Android platform. Whether the operating system will maintain the “Jelly Bean” title, and whether the updates will be major, though, is currently unknown, according to various sources.

As an interesting side, Ubergizmo reported that Motorolla’s Occam will possibly be a smartphone device with a quad core chipset, whereas Manta will be a tablet using a 1.7Ghz processor.

While the aforementioned news certainly appear convincing, given the volatile nature of the recent rumors revolving around Google, and taking into account the lack of confirmation on the software giant’s part, it is safe to wait until further announcements and evidences come out before getting over excited.

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