Alleged iPad Mini Launch Event to Take Place on October 23 Instead?

14 Oct

For those of us who may have been slightly let down by Apple’s phantom October 10 invitations, there is a slight reason to be excited again. As recently confirmed by Reuters and All Things D, the iPad mini launch event is now set to take place on October 23 rather than the initially anticipated October 17 date. The news, as is the case with almost all previous rumors, are reported to have come from sources “familiar with the matter.”

Additional details have yet to be revealed at the moment, and Apple, in its usual demeanor, elected not to offer any official statements. Curiously, some appear to be wondering if there is any meaning behind the close distance between the new announcement date and Windows 8’s October 26 release. As stated by ThinkDigit, a strategy of some sort may be involved on Apple’s part, given that the latter date is also the day when a variety of Windows 8 tablets will hit the market. An early reveal will perhaps give the iPad mini a necessary market momentum against its rivals, although, given how well Amazon and Google are doing with their own mini-tablets, the competition will no doubt be a tough one.

Attention and curiosity towards the miniature iPad have been growing following the leaked pictures of an assembled unit and the news concerning the mass production of the device (initially reported by WSJ). While the timing iPad mini’s release date may be subject to change at any moment, Apple will unlikely want to delay the release of its new product too long if it wants to maintain an edge against its competitors.

UPDATE: According to a report from Gigaom and MobileGeeks, the possible capacities and prices for some of the iPad mini models have allegedly been unveiled. It is reported that Apple’s miniature tablet may come available with an 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB storage (each with Wifi and celluar options), and will likely be priced at as low as $249 Euros (approximately $322.60 USD). The price for the 16GB and 32GB models, on the other hand, will likely be around $349 and $449 Euros, respectively. Although confirmation has yet to be released, Kevin Tofei of Gigaom noted that the prices seem legitimate when factors such as Apple’s profit margins and people’s liking towards the Apple ecosystem are taken into account.


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