The iPad Mini Event is Official: Possible Pricing and Supply Chain Details

17 Oct

The wait is over. Apple has recently confirmed the October 23 event, with an invite slogan that reads: “we have a little more to show you.” The press event is expected to begin at 10:00 AM PT, and will take place at the California Theater in San Jose.

Having been rumored since as early as last year, it appears certain that consumers will finally be able to witness Apple’s much anticipated mini tablet. To reiterate what has been mentioned in the press so far, the current iPad mini features that appear to be valid include: the 7.85 screen measurement, the new lightning dock connector, the high definition display (rather than retina display), the storage options of 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB, and the availability of a “Wifi” and “Cellular” model. It is unknown if the final product will indeed go with the popular “iPad Mini” label.

As has been shown in sites like ZDNet, the allegedly leaked pricing scheme, which still remains unconfirmed at the moment, is shown in the table below:

Wifi model Cellular model
8GB 249 Euros (approx $320 USD) 349 Euros (approx $450 USD)
16GB 349 Euros (approx $450 USD) 449 Euros (approx $580 USD)
32GB 449 Euros (approx $580 USD) 549 Euros (approx $710 USD)
64GB 549 Euros (approx $710 USD) 649 Euros (approx $840 USD)


The supply chain information, revealed by UDN, is shown in the following table:

Further details are expected to be confirmed next Tuesday.

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