Microsoft in the Initial Stages of Designing a Smartphone?

2 Nov

Rumors regarding a Microsoft-branded smartphone have been circulating ever since the Surface was being announced and promoted. Just recently, an article from the Wall Street Journal revealed an interesting piece of information that just might impart further credibility on these speculations.

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Citing sources familiar with the matter, the claim is that the software tech giant, along with a number of Asian component suppliers, are currently in the process of designing as well as “testing” a potential—although unconfirmed— smartphone device. As of now, the only hardware spec revealed is that the screen size would measure at approximately “four to five” inches. Little else has been spilled nor discussed, with officials from the supplying plants allegedly unsure of whether the phone would even make it into mass production. Representatives from Microsoft, including the media-friendly CEO Steve Ballmer, have all declined to comment on the matter, according to WSJ.

While certain to generate some excitement, the idea of an official “Microsoft” smartphone arguably will not carry as much flare today as it would in the past, seeing how the Surface’s arrival has already made software company’s hardware ambitions abundantly clear. If the tablets’ market performance does live up to expectations, though, there’s little question as to the number of different Microsoft devices we can expect to see in the future.

Stephen Elop, chief executive of Nokia, made a notable statement regarding how the release of a Microsoft-branded phone might “stimulate” the market performance of the other Windows 8 smartphones. Well known companies currently gearing up thee release of Windows 8 powered handsets include Nokia, HTC, and Samsung.

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