Microsoft Office App Coming to Different Platforms After All

8 Nov

A while ago, the Czech subsidiary of Microsoft made a notable statement regarding how Microsoft Office would be available on a diverse series of platforms, among them Apple’s iOS and Android, during early 2013. Just as people conveyed their excitement and looked towards using the much praised software on their iPads, officials from the company’s main branch shot down the rumors, claiming the statements to be “inaccurate.”

For those who might have been initially let down, there is now a good reason to be ecstatic again. As The Verge recently reported, Microsoft will indeed be launching Office on a variety of mobile products, the iPad and Android tablets included. Casual users simply wanting to view documents on the go can reportedly download the app free of charge. On the other hand, an official Microsoft account and an Office “365” subscription will be required for anyone looking to access the more advanced features. To add to the validity of the report, a screenshot of the much anticipated app has been included by The Verge, as shown below.

picture credit: The Verge

At the moment, word has it that the office program will be available as soon as during February or March of next year. The iOS users will reportedly have the luxury of being the “first” to experience the software, whereas Android users, as stated in The Verge’s article, may have to wait until May 2013.

While Mircosoft’s trademark program will no doubt generate a wave of excitement for all the Office purists out there, some questions are being raised with regards to the practicality of the move. As stated by Erica Ogg of Gigaom, the timing of the software giant’s multi-platform app appears a tad bit late, given that: (1) Apple’s tablets have been in the market for a long time, and is used in many business organizations, and that (2) an early release of the Office app might have prevented business-oriented iPad users from growing accustomed to the word-processing alternatives out there. Another issue worth mentioning is the software giant’s goal to differentiate the Surface tablet. Now that its trademark product is available on practically all major platforms, doesn’t that give buyers one less reason to purchase Microsoft’s tablet?

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