Possible HTC Phone to be Announced on November 13

11 Nov

There’s been a lot of exciting news involving HTC products thus far, from the company’s upcoming Windows 8-based 8X phone to the rumored “Opera UL” handset involving Facebook features. A mega-sized, 5-inch phone known as HTC J Butterfly—announced in Japan a few weeks back– is also getting a good rap for its beautiful large screen, impressive resolution, and respectable hardware specs.

For those who are already drooling over the impressive HTC lineup, the good news is that another potential model will likely be announced. As stated in a report from SOGI, a “customized” version of the HTC J Butterfly, known as “HTC Droid DNA,” is allegedly set to make an appearance at a joint HTC-Verizon event on November 13, which will take place New York.

Rumored specs for the new phone include: a 5-inch display, Super LCD 3 screen with 1920×1080 resolution (440ppi), Android 4.1 (possibly Android 4.2), Qualcomm S4 Pro APQ8064, 1.5 Ghz Quad Core Processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB ROM, 8MP camera, Micro SD slot, 32GB of storage, and 4G/LTE connectivity support.

It is unknown at this point whether other new products will be announced at the event. While no confirmations has been given for “Droid DNA” as of yet, a “leaked” picture of the phone, along with the company invitation, have been circulating around the net. A photo of the phone is shown below:

picture credit: GSMarena


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