Apple’s Rumored Smart TV Reportedly in Development

19 Nov

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Late last week, rumors concerning Apple’s possible smart TV product re-emerged, this time arising from a report from Jeffries & Co’s analyst, James Kisner. According to the report, the Cupertino company has been reaching out to at least one major US cable operator in order to discuss the bandwidth requirements for what’s suspected to be a smart TV device. With tests allegedly underway, the release of Apple’s potential new product, which Kisner saw as “imminent,” is predicted to create major impact within both the consumer and business sectors. Companies like Aris are currently identified as among the notable benefactors of an Apple smart TV, given the amount of capacity it provides to US cable and internet services providers like Comcast. With the product likely to encourage a torrent of future online TV streaming and purchases, Kisner also predicts how consumer IP downloads per household may begin to increase on a monthly basis.

“Imminent” Release?

While there appears to be little disagreement over what an Apple branded TV can potentially bring, not all tech observers appear to be on the same page with Kisner regarding the release schedule. Jack Paczkowski, from All Things D, saw the prospects of a quick launch to be unlikely, the reason being that there are no indications of Apple discussing television content and service arrangements with TV programmers. CNET, in the same vein, quickly dismissed Kisner’s “imminent launch” idea, suggesting how the Cupertino company is “done” with its annual product lineup and will unlikely spring up any new releases for the remainder of the year.

Whatever is the case with the schedule, there’s little question at this point that the level of anticipation over the TV device will experience yet another surge. Speculations of Apple’s iTV have been circulating as early as during 2009, with Steve Jobs apparently having envisioned the idea of an intuitively integrated TV product that, as mentioned in Walter Isaacson’s biography, combines the functions of Apple products and the internet seamlessly. In a recent interview with Pacific Crest, Apple’s Internet and Services VP Eddy Cue elaborated on the idea, although mentioned how the Cupertino company would need to find a way to provide video content differently from existing smart TVs.

Even without official confirmations and supply chain related information at this point, there are a lot reasons to expect an eventual release of an Apple branded TV. Among the legitimate indications worth noting is the respectable popularity of Apple’s TV set-box, which could be designed to work intuitively with Apple’s HD TV. Another major reason is the rising interest in smart TVs. According to a research survey from Ooyala, it is suggested that more people are turning away from their PCs and are using tablets and smart TVs as a means to access their favorite television and video content. Should this trend continue, Apple’s TV product arguably could not have been introduced at a better time.


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