Possible iPhone 5S Photo Leaked, Additional Speculations

9 Dec

In a recent blog entry from the French website, nowhereelse.fr, an alleged photo of what appears to be the internal portion of the iPhone 5S is posted side by side with that of the iPhone 5. Notable differences are spotted in the positions of the screws (shown by the colored marks), which suggests potentially added –or removed— hardware components for the 5S. The “x” marking printed on the phone’s rear end, on the other hand, implies what we are seeing to be a possible prototype model.   

At this point, there is bound to be excitement from all over Apple’s fan community, although according to a report from Businessinsider, the pictured hardware may very well be a mere iPhone 5 prototype. CNET has recently reached out to Apple for comment, and is apparently still waiting for an official statement from the folks at Cupertino.

Until additional updates and confirmations are provided, here are a few interesting iPhone 5S gossips to chew on for the time being:

  • A potentially cheaper price tag: Instead of releasing a respectably enhanced version of the current iPhone, rumor has it that the 5S will end up being a mid-end smartphone with a notably affordable price tag. From the company’s marketing perspective, this is certainly not an unlikely outcome; Apple has recently been open about expanding its presence in emerging markets, and has reportedly had its sights set on China, where consumers are said to be more cost-conscious about their smartphone options. Releasing a “low cost” version of the iPhone, in a way, will certainly be helpful to the company in terms of penetrating one of the world’s biggest, fastest growing markets.
  • A durable, scratch resistant body: As soon as during the first few weeks of release, there’ve been numerous complaints regarding the new iPhone’s scratch-prone aluminum casing. Michael Nace, from iPhone5newsblog.com, suggests that in order to counter this problem, Apple may either turn to the more resistant glass back used in the iPhone 4 (and 4S), or resort to the liquid metal material that was originally rumored for the iPhone 5. Nace perceives both options to be viable, stating how they potentially facilitate the mass manufacturing process for the Cupertino company and prevent potential shortage issues.
  • A possible departure from in-cell display: Another wild rumor that seems to be floating around lately is the idea that Apple may return to using touch sensors and LCD-panels for the display rather than applying the in-cell touch technology used in iPhone 5. Allegedly, this has something to do with the reported sensitivity problems that were spotted in some of the iPhone 5’s touch screens. Should Apple choose to reuse the “two-part” display structure, the 5S may be heavier and thicker than its predecessor, but could also be priced in the more affordable range, given the lower manufacturing costs.    
  • NFC Support: On top of all the other 5S rumors is the speculation that the new model may potentially include NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, a “transaction” feature which has been used by several Android smartphones. There is a chance, though, that Apple may simply stick to using its own “Passbook” feature.
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