Next iPad mini to Have Better Display Quality; Less “Lighting” Bars for New 9.7 inch iPad

14 Dec

iPadMini-Press-02-380-75According to a recent report from Digitimes, a major area where we can expect the next iPad mini to be improved is its display quality. While the extent of such an enhancement has yet to be revealed, from what the previous lines of Apple products suggest, we may be closer to seeing the “retina display” iPad mini than we think.

The current resolution of Apple’s miniature tablet is 1024×768 (at 163ppi), which is good for a small, 7.9-inch screen, but leaves a lot to be desired from anyone who’d been spoiled by the new iPad’s superior display. Provided that the mini tablet eventually receives a much needed retina display enhancement, the tablet’s new resolution, as stated by Digitimes, is expected to be approximately 2058×1536 (at 326ppi).

At this point, one interesting issue worth considering is whether the Cupertino company can apply resolution-based upgrades without compromising the iPad mini’s trademark features. As stated by Macrumors, Apple will at least need a much bigger battery and a more “robust” CPU if it ever wants to pack the retina display feature in its miniature tablet. Such changes make the tablet potentially thicker and heavier than it should be, and may even increase its manufacturing costs, in result making the new iPad mini more costly for consumers. Given such a scenario, it is likely that Apple will not be too hasty in improving the iPad mini’s display substantially.

New Lighting

Another interesting news revealed by Digitimes is that the next 9.7 inch tablet will “restructure” its lighting system and use one less LED lighting bar. The purpose, reportedly, is to reduce the tablet’s overall weight and thickness.

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