Google and Motorola Rumored to be Working on new Flagship “X Phone”

24 Dec

A recent report from WSJ suggests that Google and Motorola are working on a new “X phone” that is designed to compete head-on with Apple’s iPhone 5. An “X Tablet” is rumored to follow sometime afterwards, although specific details regarding this product appear to be lacking somewhat. For those wanting an early taste of what to expect from Google’s alleged new flagship device, here are a list of features that have been discussed by various sources so far:

  • A bendable screen: Similar to one of Samsung’s previously rumored handsets, the “X phone” aims to surprise by featuring a highly “flexible” body. The exact nature of the technology used has not yet been specified, although based on the alleged “manufacturing” and “supply chain-management” obstacles experienced by the two companies, it is likely that highly complex, unorthodox procedures are involved.
  • Use of unique manufacturing materials: Various non-traditional materials –for instance, plastic substrates— are likely, assuming the two companies are indeed serious about applying the “bendable” feature. WSJ and PCmag suggest that ceramics will be applied in creating the phone’s back casing.
  • Notable software features: A few highlights that have been mentioned so far include a panoramic photo function (similar to the one introduced in the iPhone 5), high color saturation, and intuitive image and gesture-based recognition features. The first two functions reportedly drain the X Phone’s overall battery life, and may be reconsidered by the production teams. Given that former Google Product Manager Lior Ron—who’s known for his role on Google Maps—is in charge, it is not unreasonable to expect a variety of other potentially groundbreaking features.
  • A 2013 Release date: Other than the possibility of seeing the X phone released next year, no other details have been mentioned. The 2013 time-frame is reasonable in that Samsung’s own bendable handset is expected to appear at around the same time. With the aforementioned production problems and difficulties that Google and Motorola are apparently running into, though, a possible delay is not unlikely.
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