Rumor Update: Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Allegedly in Testing Stage

26 Dec

From what a recent report from SamMobile suggests, Samsung is currently working on two unspecified high-end devices, code named “GT-I9500” and “GT-I9505.” While no confirmation has been released as of yet, many seem convinced that the model numbers refer to Samsung’s much awaited flagship model, the Galaxy S4. SamMobile has made a notable mention of the Korean company’s dislike for using the number “4,” which in large part has to do with its negative cultural implications. With the Galaxy S3’s production code being “GT-I9300,” it seems reasonable, at this stage, to assume “I9500” to be the flagship phone’s successor (with the “I9505” being the LTE model).


samsung galaxy s4 concept art (picture from

As one alternate theory suggests, though, the “I9500” and “I9505” may also refer to an entirely different product line altogether. Should Samsung decide to release separate smartphone models, it is believed that the devices may opt against the Android platform, and instead run on Tizen, an open-source system which Samsung and Intel have worked on. This appears to be a reasonably likely outcome, given that when Samsung tested the Tizen system a while ago, the testing model’s code number, coincidentally, happened to be “I9500.”

Since we last covered Samsung’s Galaxy S4 speculations, additional rumors have surfaced. Some interesting features that have been tossed around in the recent few weeks include the inclusion of an unbreakable screen(which suggests the use of “bendable” material), apossible 13 inch mega pixel camera, and a pixel density of 441 ppi. More details about the Galaxy S4 are likely to be unveiled after the 2013 CES Event, according to a report from CNET.

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