Apple Looking for Wireless Test Engineers, Impending 5G Wi-fi for Future Mac Products?

8 Jan

Having recently reached an agreement with wireless chip maker Broadcom, Apple is currently seeking to recruit test engineers who have strong backgrounds in Wi-fi testing and 802.11ac network environments. The job posting was first revealed on the website, Applebitch, which made note of Apple’s intentions to upgrade its airport based stations and the possibility of future Macs and Macbooks incorporating 802.11ac chipsets.


Apple’s recent job posting

As mentioned by TheNextWeb, chips compatible with the 802.11ac standard, otherwise known as 5G Wi-fi, allow laptops to perform up to three times the speed of their 802.11n counterparts. At maximum level (when three antennas are utilized rather than one), the speed can reach up to as high as approximately 1.3Gb per second. Features such as wider coverage areas, larger capacities, and better power efficiency are also among the many benefits of using the 802.11ac standard chips.

It should be noted that discussions surrounding Apple’s possible leap towards advanced Wi-fi have been active long before reports of the Broadcom partnership broke out. While the job listing leak certainly confirms the direction that the Cupertino company wants to go, the exact timeframe remains uncertain at this point. As noted by Applebitch, Apple had originally been predicted to make a transition to advanced Wi-fi in 2012, although that obviously didn’t happen.

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