Atmel to Collaborate with ASUS on Unspecified Next Generation Tablet

8 Jan

Atmel Corporation, a company specializing in microcontroller production and design, has revealed today that its X-Sense technology will be applied in ASUS’s next generation tablet, which is set to be released during the first quarter of 2013.


Testing of X-Sense’s compatibility with Gorilla Glass during CES 2013 (picture: engadget)

As opposed to the current generation of touch sensors, X-Sense touch sensors are said to allow for thinner sensor stacks without compromising overall performance. With the technology applied, it is claimed that ASUS will be able to manufacture smartphones, tablets, and other touch enabled products that come in larger sizes, thinner frames, curved shapes, and sleeker designs. Given their capacitive and flexible natures, a possible edgeless design, in which the touch sensors are “wrapped” around a device—as described by intomobile— is also not unlikely. With a myriad of different ways to take advantage of Atmel’s sensors, it will be interesting to see just what type of innovation ASUS will come up with in the months to come.

At the moment, a slight limitation to X-Sense technology appears to be the size of the surface on which it can be applied. Engadget recently made an interesting mention of the company’s manufacturing constraints, which apparently restricts the maximum fabrication size to 32-inches. The company, though, is said to be in the process of working around this problem.

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