Rumor Update: Apple May Release Three New iPhones in 2013

22 Jan

We know, from the rumors and gossips, that Apple is very likely to release multiple versions of the iPhone this year. What seems a bit muddled, at this point, is exactly how many varieties there will be and what types of specs we can expect. Speculations currently point towards there being a more “affordable” version of the iPhone, more color options and sizes to choose from, a different, more “modern” look to the iOS platform, and a highly improved processor chip.

In a recent report, the Commercial Times has added some extra—albeit slightly debatable— details that come with an interesting twist. Citing sources close to Apple’s suppliers, the paper claims that Apple will release two iPhones during June/July, one being the much talked about iPhone 5S, and the other being a significantly larger 4.8-inch model known as “iPhone Math.” A third iPhone, it is implied, will be a totally revamped model, set for a release during the later part of 2013.

The suggested releases seem to conform with what many are currently saying about Apple CEO Tim Cook, whose strategy appears to revolve around increasing market share and appeasing various consumer groups. The revamped iPhone, likely to be the iPhone 6, may as usual be intended for the high-end market, whereas the potentially more affordable iPhone 5S and iPhone Math will, similar to various Android handsets out there, be good for the cost conscious and emerging markets such as India and China.

It should be noted that there are a few doubts surrounding Commercial Time’s report, in particular with regards to the aforementioned “iPhone Math.” Other than the name, which does not appear to make any sense, it is unlikely that Apple will resort to a 4.8 inch display in the short term, in part because of the problems app programmers will experience in terms of adapting to the new resolution and pixel density. John Misek, an analyst who claimed last year that Apple will release a larger iPhone, has also, according to Macrumors, stated recently that he has heard nothing further about the alleged product.

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