A Preview of the Samsung Galaxy S4’s Performance

7 Mar

Here are a few interesting screenshots for those wanting an idea of what to expect from the Galaxy S4, which will be unveiled in about a week.

screenshot_2013-03-04-16-42-56 screenshot_2013-03-04-16-43-16 screenshot_2013-03-04-16-43-22

The leaked information comes from a benchmark test performed by Antutu (v.3.1.2), and has been brought to attention by HDBlog, Sammobile, and Techcrunch. As suggested by these sources, the testing confirms that the S4 will utilize the Exynos 5410 1.8Ghz processor (with ARM Power VR SGX 544MP GPU), run on the most recent Android 4.2 platform, sport 1920×1080 resolution (on a 4.99 inch display), and equip a 13MP rear camera.

Also noteworthy, although not entirely surprising, is the revelation about the handset’s overall performance: the Galaxy S4’s hardware capability notably trumps those of LG’s Optimus G, Google’s Nexus 4, HTC’s One X +, and a variety of Samsung’s older devices. That should be a relief to those who might have been turned off by Samsung’s recent comments about making the S4 “software” centric.

UPDATE: Even more screenshots from the Galaxy S4 have surfaced today, this time from the blog GSM Israel. “Reliable” sources close to the blog claim that the pictures are “legit” and are indicative of kinds of  tasks the flagship is capable of performing. The menu screenshot showing “smart scroll” confirms a recent report from New York Times referring to the phone’s ability to detect a user’s head and eye movements.


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