2013 iPad and iPad mini Shipments Affected by Rumors, Shrinking Demand

26 Apr

Both the iPad and iPad mini are likely to see lower total shipments in the first half of this year, according to a recent set of statistics released by technews.


The 9.7-inch iPad shipments are expected to stay flat from Q1 to Q2, remaining at approximately 7 million units; shipments for the iPad mini, on the other hand, are expected to drop from 12 million units in Q1 to approximately 9 million units in Q2. The iPad mini’s gradual shipment reductions, which sources close to Trendinisder suggest will continue in each quarter, is expected to take a noticeable toll on the total 2013 iPad shipments.

Not surprisingly, various sources have cited the rumored iPad mini HD and the iPad 5 as the major culprits behind the existing iPads’ waning popularity. The latter device is currently speculated to be a significant improvement over the 4th generation iPad, and will allegedly feature a “thinner” and “lighter” body (approximately 500 grams), 8500~9000mAH battery, a form factor similar to the iPad mini, and a respectable 28nm-class A7X chip. The earliest we can expect to see the iPad 5, according to Technews, is during the June WWDC event. Shipments of the device are expected to take place during July or August.

Considering the timing of the iPad 5 launch, along with the device’s reasonably attractive features and improvements, there is some hope that the 9.7-inch iPad shipments would be able to regain proper momentum during the third or fourth quarters; The only conceivable obstacle to this outcome, as of this moment, is the hype surrounding the iPad mini HD, which rumors say could be released during the Christmas shopping season. Based on the way the iPad mini stole its larger sibling’s thunder in 2012, it is not unreasonable to expect the same thing to happen again this year. 



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