The Future of Fashion in Wearable Tech?

5 May


Wearable computing could very well be the next fad in the realm of mobile technology. Other than the existing e-paper smartwatches from Pebble and Google’s futuristic pair of glasses, potential products such as the brain-sensing headband from InteraXon, bionic, reality-augmenting contact lenses, and fitness-made-easy arm straps are all likely to become hot-selling tech items within the foreseeable future.

Available for the lower portions of the body are LUMObak’s Bluetooth-enabled belt—used for improving a user’s posture—Trizone’s heat sensing cargo pants, Adidas’ twitter-enabled shoes, and Blacksocks’ RFID socks. A recent Apple patent suggest that the Cupertino company could be thinking about developing a pair of “smart shoes” that inform its users of when they should be replacing their current footwear.

Below is an interesting “wearable tech” infographic that was originally created by Brantano and brought to attention by Mashable.


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